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What is a Rowing Machine?

A rowing machine or an indoor rower is an exercise machine that you use the way you would on an
actual rowboat. It has different mechanisms and parts that allow you to paddle forward and back, the seat sliding in the manner your boat would were it in the water. Rowing machines are used by sport best rowing machine for competition even without access to a boat or a rower. Indoor rowers are therefore highly prized for their convenience for athletes. Recently, indoor rowing has become a competitive sport in its own right.
Rowing machines are also used by non-professional athletes and is a popular form of exercise because it develops most muscle groups, and more importantly, burns a lot of calories even while being a low impact activity.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is easily the best fitness machine you can buy because it will give you a full body workout: you get to burn calories and build muscle, in fact you can build several muscles in your body in one session. With e…

How to Push Yourself for A Better Body

I am so exited to share my own views with you. When you exercise, do you push yourself hard enough? I know that at times it might feel like a torture.

"A Workout" and "THE Workout"

Some people want to believe, that they can develop great physiques and burn fat quickly with A minimal workout. Basically they like to fool themselves into thinking they can get the body they want with absolute minimal effort. 

If you go to your local fitness club, I’m pretty sure, you will see two types of people. People who come to train and workout and others who come to spend time at the gym. 
The most shocking thing I have seen was: somebody is sitting on a stationary cycle and reading a book, they just pedal on the easiest level possible and just continue reading a novel. That’s why a lot of people fail at loosing weight, they don’t put extra effort in to their workouts, they don’t push themselves hard enough.

To challenge myself to exercise better, harder and faster here are a few thi…